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Product Creator Pro is a unique tool that your audience will not only love using,
but will also help them thrive in business.

What is Product Creator Pro?

Product Creator Pro allows you to create stunning books, reports, newsletters, and more, at the push of a button...

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It's perfect for...

  • Marketers
  • Business owners (online/offline)
  • Teachers, Managers, Admin Assistants
  • Self-Publishers
  • Consultants
  • Sales Staff
  • And anyone who uses content to communicate

What Can You Do With Product Creator Pro?

Create masterfully designed books, newsletters, reports, and more...

You can create books and export into print-ready PDF and Kindle-ready file. Plus, you can create newsletters and reports, perfect for marketing, teaching or advertising.

Completely customize your products

You can add images, profile content, tweak layouts, modify the front cover, and more, all within Product Creator Pro's user friendly interface.

One-click publishing

Once you're happy with your document, you just push a button and voila, your product is produced in a print ready PDF file. We also export into a Kindle-formatted file.

Check out what your clients can create...

Why we think you're a good match...

We know that your main priority is helping your audience and customers, and it's not just about making money, right?

With Product Creator Pro, you get to do both.

You get to offer your audience a rare, unique and prove solution that will help them thrive in their business, and you get a 50% commission when they invest in a Premium membership through your unique affiliate link.

That's not a one off deal, that's a recurring 50% payout for as long as they stay with us.

And to ensure your success when promoting Product Creator Pro, you'll be pleased to know that our sales funnel and performance is finely tuned and already proven to work for other affiliates.

We do this by running high quality webinars for your audience, which leads into a pitch for Product Creator Pro. If they buy at the end of the webinar, or even if they buy 3 years later, you get the 50% payout.

These process is already proven to work very well, as you can see from the statistics below, our webinars really do convert people into buyers...

The Vital Statistics:

These stats are based on a recent webinar for self publishers and content marketers:

  • Webinar Topic = "How To Presell Without Using Fake Reviews"
  • Webinar Attendance = 38% attendee rate
  • Webinar Conversion = 19.4%
  • RECURRING Commissions = 50%
  • Average Earning per Attendee = $63.32!
  • Cookie Duration = Lifetime, hardcoded to the lead (even if they sign up for a free account, when they convert down the line, you get the sale!)
  • Refunds = No Refund Policy (we do offer a free account that uses the "freemium" model)

Key Points:

  • No refunds
  • Lifetime hardcoded cookies
  • High payouts
  • Solid funnel w/lifetime cookies
  • Easy to sell (no voodoo magic needed)
  • Quality product (feel good promoting)
  • Minimal competition (wide open for SEO etc)

We'll help you break sales records...

Alongside regular webinars that we run throughout the year, we're here to offer you as many tools and material as you need, based on stuff we've already tested and that we know will work.

You can modify these tools and materials in any way you wish, providing you do not breach the terms and conditions of your affiliate agreement.

Be one of the first (and the few)

As you can tell, we're not just slapping this exclusive offer on a bunch of affiliate networks. We're very careful who promotes for us, which means two things for you:

  1. There's less competition for you
  2. Your audience will see you as a genuine leader

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What others are saying...

"This is the first webinar for a long time that I stayed past 20 minutes. This was a truly excellent webinar. Normally I don't like webinars because the content is usually very thin and primarily only there to lead to the pitch.

This time, I got some really good actionable content that I can see myself using before we even got to the product details. Well done, great content even before I bought the product, paid and logged in.

Bravo mate, you just raised the bar on how to do a webinar and congratulations on the product. It has come at just the right time and it looks really awesome. Can't wait to start using it and putting the workshop info in to action."

- Andy Bailey

"The webinar was really excellent, and I enjoyed that. I think the quality of this product is far better than most software products I've used and/or purchased online in terms of ease of use and features.

I look forward to using Product Creator Pro for my own products and hopefully advertising this on sites to make money by formatting other people's documents with it."

- Debbie Sikkema

"Hi Ronnie! Check out my first report with your new tool. Sweet, huh? ...the end-result is pretty stunning. Did you want us to draft up testimonials for you to use? Just let me know.

I'm off to set up my new report for sale for $9.97 and to make a sampler version including just the first chapter to give away. I don't think I've ever finished a product before. Wow. Just letting that marinate..."

- Allegra Sinclair

"Ronnie, PCP is extremely cool. I signed up immediately. This is an awesome product. Thanks for dreaming it up and making it real."

- Rebecca Fine

"Hi Ronnie, I got this after the first webinar-no brainer actually. I also want to say Thank You again for the opportunity to get access to this software on the first webinar. Excellent work."

- Nancy G

"The wait for PCP was well worth it. I see the income potential in my immediate future. I liked it in beta, I know I will love the production version.

I started using it this morning on some of the monthly PDF's before I got your great pointers from the webinar. As usual, Ronnie you offer great value and exceed my expectations."

- Charles W. Thomas, Jr.

"Congrats on creating an amazing product! I'm so excited about the possibilities with the product!"

- Erica Rueschhoff

"I MUST have this. I won't have any competition."

- Diane Williams

"My hubby is a graphic designer/illustrator and has the fancy software - but I'm technically challenged and it may as well be in chinese for what I understand. THIS I understand!"

- Katie Gustafsson

"This program just flat ROCKS!"

- Don Eves

"Absolutely Fantastic Webinar and Product. Thank You."

- Eileen White

"I definitely see how this will boost my income."

- Jerome Johnson

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Simply enter your contact details and agree to the affiliate terms, then we'll send you all the tools and updates to help you optimize your Product Creator Pro promotions.

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