Product Creator Pro – Release Notes

September 19, 2012

  • Hot Feature: New 78 templates for reports
  • Fix: Extra space near images
  • Fix: Long titles could break some cover pages
  • Fix: Sub titles could be hidden

September 13, 2012

  • Fix: Previews freezed for some documents
  • Fix: Wide tables were not processed correctly
  • Fix: Some links were broken
  • Fix: Long text was cut for some profiles
  • Fix: Titles were cut
  • Fix: Twitter links could be incorrect
  • Fix: Non UTF-8 characters in file names
  • Fix: Image Cropping
  • Fix: NCX file for Kindle

September 4, 2012

BIG Update:
  • New PDF Rendering Engine for improved formatting
  • Table of Contents support (beta)
  • Multiple new document formats supported (DOC, DOCX, RTF, ODT)
  • ePub export
  • Include Kindle files into the history archive
  • HTML files now contain images
  • Added hyperlink, anchor link, and HTML buttons to the text editor
  • One new book template (more on the way!)
  • Image Cropping
Fixes and Improvements:
  • Capitalized image names
  • Improved logic for unfinished projects
  • Incorrect number of covers in the filter
  • Download a PDF for some reports
  • Files with apostrophe in the name
  • Ability to delete "sub" project from History
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements
Known issues:
  • Page break support is, well, broken. We are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

July 6, 2012

  • Hot Feature: Download all product files on the history page
  • Hot Feature: Images are now included in the HTML version of a project
  • Fix: Active hyperlinks in PDF
  • Fix: Sign up process
  • Fix: Subscription cancellation

June 28, 2012

  • Hot Feature: View and Edit HTML source code in the editor
  • Hot Feature: Auto-save revisions of projects in your history
  • Fix: Fixes for profiles
  • Fix: Fixes for Kindle with no cover page
  • Fix: Fixes for alignment and spaces
  • Fix: Some templates have been modified

June 8, 2012

  • Hot Feature: Auto-save drafts and return to it at any time
  • Hot Feature: Auto-save history of projects to return to and edit at any time
  • Fix: Improved spacing between list items in PDFs
  • Fix: Improved Image and page break support
  • Fix: Improved image support for cover pages

May 30, 2012

  • Feature: Increased the maximum size for custom images
  • Fix: Improved list items in PDFs
  • Fix: Improved image support for Kindle
  • Fix: Improved numbered list items for Kindle
  • Fix: Improved paragraphs for Kindle
  • Fix: Improved text position for preview

May 12, 2012

  • Feature: Expanded image support within Kindle-formatted documents (PREMIUM-only)
    (Note: Table of contents and NCX support is coming soon!)
  • Feature: High-resolution cover page PNG export (PREMIUM-only)
  • Feature: DOCX Page break analysis (beta)
  • Fix: Preview improvements to better match the look of the final PDF
  • Fix: Various minor font and formatting fixes

May 5, 2012

  • Feature: Expanded character limits for your contact information
  • Feature: Increased DOCX upload size limits

April 18, 2012

  • Feature: Kindle-formatted export (PREMIUM-only)
    (Note: Product Creator Pro doesn't yet create the table of contents, this is coming soon!)
  • Feature: Image support - You can now import images from your DOCX files into your PDFs!
  • Feature: Improved "Preview" screen - setting the stage for a "massive" preview of your documents
  • Fix: IP banning issue
  • Various minor bug fixes

March 28, 2012

  • Initial launch!